COVID-19 Pandemic Operating Procedures

Updated May 28, 2020

Until further notice Worthington Manor Golf Club has implemented the following mitigation measures while providing a virtually touchless environment to keep our staff, members and customers safe. These measures are intended to meet or exceed the NGCOA PARK & PLAY procedures and CDC’s social distancing guidelines and cleaning procedures.

□ We recommend paying in advance or have a credit card on file to by-pass golf shop. To add a credit card to your account please visit Provide Credit Card.

□ Mask or face covering must be worn while inside the clubhouse.

□ Practice range stations will be spread out to separate customers by no less than 10 feet. We will continue placing range balls on pyramids so golfers can retrieve
balls with club.

□ Golf Carts will be completely sanitized with bleach solution mixed per CDC guidelines before and after use.

□ Players must leave the pin in the cup at all times. We will install cups upside down, add a devise to prevent ball from entering cup or raise the cup so golfer can
easily retrieve their golf ball without touching any surfaces.

□ No ball washing stations, trash cans, water coolers or bunker rakes are permitted on the course and no sand bottles permitted on carts.

□ Staff must remain home if they have flu like symptoms or have been in contact with anyone that was known to have or had the Coronavirus for at least 14 days.

□ Restroom facilities doors are to be propped open and touch points are to be disinfected with bleach solution as frequently as possible or at least every 60 minutes
while open. One-way directional signs will be posted for guests accessing restroom.

□ All touch points (door handles, counters etc.) will be disinfected with bleach solution as frequently as possible.

□ Staff must wear mask or face covering and protective gloves at all times.

□ Food service orders will be for take-out only and may be picked up at the east end of the Bar or curb-side at the east dining room door. Effective Saturday, May 30, 2020 outdoor dining will be permitted on our deck.