New Indoor Golf Simulator Now Open

Make the off-season part of your peak-season with our new state of the art indoor golf simulator featuring high definition ball tracking with pinpoint accuracy ball flight and club head data. Use it to practice, play premier courses like Firestone Country Club or one of many courses available. Challenge friends to a closest to the pin contest or fine tune your swing with a golf lesson from one of our professionals. Price to practice or play range from $20 to $40 per person per hour.

The unit that will track the ball fight and club head data is a FlightScope Xi Tour which uses Doppler radar to accurately analyze every aspect of your golf game. A nice feature with the FlightScope Xi Tour is the ability to use it outdoors during the golf season to fine tune your game or accurately determine the carry distance of each club.

The FlightScope Xi Tour is capable of providing the follow data:

Ball Data                                                              Club Data

  • Ball Speed                                                       •  Low Point
  • Vertical Launch Angle                                     •  Club Speed
  • Horizontal Launch Angle                                •  Club Speed Profile
  • Vertical Descent Angle                                   •  Club Acceleration Profile
  • Smash Factor                                                  •  Face to Target
  • Spin Rate                                                        •  Face to Path
  • Spin Axis                                                         •  Dynamic Loft
  • Carry Distance                                                •   Angle of Attack
  • Roll Distance                                                  •   Club Path
  • Total Distance                                                •   Spin Loft
  • Lateral Landing                                              •   Vertical Swing Plane
  • Apex Height                                                   •   Horizontal Swing Plane
  • Flight Time
  • Shot Dispersion
  • Skills Distance to Pin
  • Skills Score