LOOPER (Uber for Caddies)

Worthington Manor’s partnership is now in full swing for the 2017 golf season with caddy services starting at just $30 for a round with a JR-LOOPER. Simply reserve an online tee time or call the golf shop at 301-874-5400. Once you’ve booked a tee time proceed to the LOOPER APP to reserve a caddy. To download the App visit Google Play or the App Store.

Caddy Levels of Service at Worthington Manor

JR-LOOPER $30 for Single Bag + tip The JR-LOOPER program is made up of younger caddies, typically teenagers 14-18 years old. These JR-LOOPERs are learning the game, working part-time, playing on High School golf teams and local junior golf leagues. JR-LOOPERs are limited to single bags until they have enough on course experience and a 5 star customer service rating.

LOOPER $40 Single Bag + tip More experienced teen/college age caddie.  These older more experienced teens know courses and can help with some club selection, green reading, and general shot help.  LOOPERs are able to Single Bag carry or Fore-caddy for a foursome of golfers riding in golf carts.

PRO-LOOPER $75 Single Bag + tip / $110 Double Bag + tip PRO-LOOPERs are experienced professional caddies able to provide on-course expertise, club selection, and strategy. PRO-LOOPERs are able to Double Bag (carry two bags per Loop).  PRO-LOOPERS often caddie at other clubs part-time or caddied full-time in the past and are now looking for extra work, on their schedule.

4-LOOPER (Fore-caddy) $60 per Foursome + tip 4-LOOPERs provide groups with fore-caddie services and are an ideal choice when playing in a foursome with carts.   Business rounds or weekly foursomes are ideal for the 4-LOOPER category.  4-LOOPERs know the course, help read greens, search for lost balls, clean clubs, and gather yardages. Their ability to view tee-shots from advanced positions help to speed up play and avoid lost balls.  4-LOOPERs are either JR-LOOPERs or PRO-LOOPERs that caddie for the entire foursome.