Worthington Manor Golf Club congratulates Tiger Woods on his incredible comeback in winning the 2019 Masters. Tiger uses the Bridgestone Tour B XS golf ball, feeling it fits his game to give him that winning edge. Now you can take part in that same fitting process to give your game the winning edge it needs.

On Saturday, May 11, 2019 the Bridgestone Tour Trailer will roll onto the grounds of Worthington Manor so you may participate in a tour-like professional ball fitting. The Bridgestone Tour Fitting will feature trained, certified ball fitters, plus introduce you and your game to Tour Technician Randy Hughes, all in an effort to properly and professionally match you to the golf ball you should be playing.

The Tour Trailer has been introduced by Bridgestone Golf to give all golfers the experience of what tour players experience at weekly tournament stops. The trailer promises to be an amazing show piece for the ball fitting process and the experts assigned to the fitting program will give golfers first rate service and knowledge in selecting a correct golf ball to play.

The Bridgestone Ball Fitting is FREE and will be conducted at Worthington Manor between 8 am and 1pm. No appointment is necessary.

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